The Royal Etienne (Automatic) / Gold & Blue Chrome

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The name Etienne is derived from the Greek name Stephanos, which means "crown" or "garland." In the royal courts of Europe, this name was often associated with royal power and prestige.

The colors gold and blue have long been associated with royalty and wealth. Gold, as a precious metal, has always been a symbol of power and opulence, and it is often used in the decorations and finery of royal courts. Blue, on the other hand, has been associated with the gods and with the sacred, and it is often seen in the robes, banners, and flags of royal families.

In the world of watches, the name Etienne has also been associated with luxury and refinement. Many high-end watch brands have used the name Etienne in their collections, and it is often associated with elegant, timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. Gold, in particular, is a popular choice for watch casings, as it adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any timepiece.

Overall, the name Etienne has a rich and storied history that is closely linked to the colors gold and blue, as well as to the world of luxury watches. It is a name that evokes royalty, power, and sophistication, and it continues to be a popular choice among those who seek to capture the essence of elegance and refinement.

The Royal Etienne's timepiece itself displays a magnificent deep blue watch dial and a golden watch case complimented with gold indicators. The unique colours of the timepiece is inspired by the family crest and coat of arms. The Royal Etienne embraces the simplicity and a minimalistic nature. A limited edition automatic watch that has never been seen before.

Encased in a literally timeless timepiece with Japanese Miyota 8215 automatic movement and sapphire crystal glass, the Etienne, is a classic self-winding timepiece that will never need a battery change. 

What You Receive: 
x1 Sanctuary Royal Casimir Time Piece & Free Sanctuary Classic Bracelet
x1 leather strap
x1 Sanctuary Manual & Certificate Of Authenticity
x1 Sanctuary limited edition box Free domestic & international delivery

About the Watch:

Watch Case:

316L Stainless Steel Case coated in quality premium gold.


Superior quality Citizen Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement  keeps the most precise and accurate time for your time piece.

Transparent BackingTransparent Window allows users to see the timepiece's automatic movement mechanism - Operated by kinetic energy

10 years full warranty. Sanctuary will provide you with warranty for a full decade. 

Water resistant: 50 metres (5ATM)

Sapphire Crystal grants durability - protective layer resistant to scratches and protects the face of your timepiece. Sapphire coated crystal with anti-scratch function

Certificate Authenticity: 

Certificate of Authenticity provides you with your own unique original time piece from Sanctuary.

Watch size:
Watch size (diameter / thickness): 43 / 12mm

Strap size:
22 x 20 mm best fitted for 14 - 22 cm wrist (Men & Women)

Interchangeable Straps: