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About The Brand



The Story

Sanctuary forges a style out of its own remarkable history and confronts it with extraordinary personalities. A leap in designing unique original watch designs people love. A unique brand aimed at providing high quality luxury watches with revolutionary designs. Each watch design is unique and has a story on its own. The watch designs are inspired by the history and architect of the company's birth place right here in Melbourne. The designs were motivated by exquisite sites of Switzerland and the cultural life of Melbourne. The love for timepieces and both their simplicity and complexity allowed the Sanctuary team to provide a unique take on quality made minimalistic watches. Sanctuary Watches were forged by distinguished passion with a developing team experiencing more than 100 years in fine watch-making. Sanctuary time pieces are extremely durable and long lasting with quality materials.

In 2019 Santuary had grew further expanding towards unique designs in their fashion and apparels - providing high quality clothing with embroidery and 3D embroidery. The unique 'eye' logo had been adopted to represent a brand that is always analysing and always evolving to be better.


 - Welcome to your Sanctuary -


The Vision

The core vision for Sanctuary as a brand is to be revolutionary by being uniquely simplistic with chronographs, affordable, and beautiful, whilst providing the highest quality luxury watches. Sanctuary skips generic designs that other companies are copying based of trends and creates itself something original and unique. Sanctuary Watches is complimented with a variety of designs; such as Marble and Minimalistic time pieces which have been inspired by Australia and Switzerland's artistic history. All of Sanctuary Watches are produced by high quality authentic materials. All watch designs are perfectly crafted to be detachable, ultimately allowing people to customise and interchange watch straps. Customers are able embrace their own creativity with various strap patterns, materials and colours. Experience Minimalist and Marble LUXE watches in a whole different way with Sanctuary Watches.

The Label

Sanctuary is referred to many as a place of protection. A place of peace, hope and being free spirited. With this notion in mind  – the brand Sanctuary was a no brainer. A classy, trendy name for a watch label that would represent serenity. This connotation is therefore given by Sanctuary’s Watch logo which is expressed on every single of our watches with an 'S' and a unique roof-like symbol ' ^ '.

-The area of peace; a roof that protects; a protector that shields –