The Story

Arthur Dalton is a born designer brand of Sanctuary. Inspired by the history and architect of his birth place in Melbourne and the exquisite sites of Switzerland, Arthur’s creativity grew into a passion. He grew up loving both the subject of Medicine and Chronographs. During his University years, Arthur spent his free time developing and sketching Chronographs designs as a hobby. After completing his University degree with the Bachelor Of Pharmacy (Honours), Arthur’s love for stunning time pieces intertwined with his sight for fine art allowed him to establish the finest and exceptional quality for Sanctuary Luxury Watches. With a great team who specialises in perfecting and manufacturing time pieces, Arthur and his team created Sanctuary Luxury Watches

 - Sanctuary Watches is always designing and developing new collections - 

The Vision

The core vision for Arthur as a designer label was to be revolutionary, simplistic, affordable, and efficient, whilst providing the highest quality luxury watches. Sanctuary Watches are complimented with Marble and Minimalist designs coupled with the inspiration of Australia’s and Switzerland chronograph designs, (Melbourne x Swiss) life’s history and creativity. All watches are therefore superior quality and of Swiss designed. To be revolutionary, Arthur made sure his watches looked magnificent and had the best and genuine materials. All watch designs are perfectly designed to be detachable, ultimately allowing people to customise and interchange watch straps. This would allow customers to embrace their own creativity with various strap patterns, materials and colours. Experience Minimalist and Marble LUXE in a whole different way with Sanctuary Watches.

The Label

Sanctuary is referred to many as a place of protection. A place of peace, hope and to be free of danger. With this in mind and the essence of Health & Medicine running through his body – Sanctuary was a no brainer. A classy, trendy name for a watch label that would represent freedom, harmony and a sense of being safe - away from diseases and illnesses. This connotation is given by Sanctuary’s Watch logo which is included in every single one of Sanctuary’s Luxury Watches.

-The area of peace; a roof that protects; a protector that shields –