Payments & Orders

Is The Sanctuary Watches stocked in any retail stores?

We are currently stocking our watches in a few retails stores for the time being. We are in business talks with retail stores that will accept no price mark ups to keep our competitive prices for quality of watches and accessories. 

I didn’t receive any email confirmation

Not to fear, we're always here to help! We want you to get notified of shipment as soon as possible! First try going through your folders such as inbox, junk and spam mails and filter for our name. Make sure to not put our emails in as spam emails. If you still can't find your email please submit a form to our customer care. 


My order status is ‘unfulfilled’, what does this mean?

An unfulfilled order simply means that we have packed your order and it is ready for shipping. Once it is sent off your order will be fulfilled with a confirmation and tracking email sent to you. We often ship orders on the same day of order however in cases of high volumes orders will be shipped 1-3 day business days after the order have been placed and payment successful. If you still did not see a confirmation email please contact us at  please provide your shipping details and order number.


I’m having trouble with my payment method

We accept payments from PayPal Mastercard, Debitcards Visa, American Express and AfterPay transactions. We wanted to keep all payments secured and reduce any fraud risks. Therefore, we are using the highly encrypted payment gateway from Shopify to provide our customers with more protection and money back guarantees.

If you have any troubles please let us know!