A unique brand marketed at providing high quality luxury watches with revolutionary price tags. Arthur is the brand's designer and founder of Sanctuary. Arthur's creativity grew into a great passion through the inspiration of the history and architect of his birth place in Melbourne. The inspiration of his watch designs were also accompanied by the exquisite sites of Switzerland. He grew up loving both the subject of Health, Medicine and the complexity of chronograph designs. During University, Arthur spent his free time and staying up late at night developing and sketching Chronographs and Minimalist designs as a hobby. After completing his University degree in the Bachelor Of Pharmacy (Honours), Arthur’s love for stunning time pieces combined with his sight for fine art, allowed him to establish the finest and exceptional quality of watches as he ventured into creating the Sanctuary Luxury Watch brand and logo. Sanctuary Watches was then born by a great developing team with 40+ years experience and that specialises in perfecting and manufacturing time pieces.